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Established and registered as a 501c3 in April, 2018

Began as an informal sharing of ideas by a small group born and raised in Barrett

The three multi-colored stars in our logo represent to us the past, present and future of Barrett as well as portray the diversity of the community

We are personally vested in the rich history of the Barrett Community

A very special community was born when Harrison Barrett (1845-1917), a freed slave, purchased land east of the San Jacinto River for 50 cents per acre in 1889

Our founding members’ great grandparents soon followed and settled here

We know a concerted effort is needed to preserve, protect and enhance this heritage

We are continuing the unbroken chain of civic efforts to ensure a thriving community

We serve with a sense of duty

Our aspirations are high and our energy and focus even higher

Dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.


With a relentless focus on results and a rigorous standard of accountability, we seek to cultivate economic growth, enhance community beautification, and establish a sustainable future leaders program. ​

Our Mission


Barrett is a beautiful and welcoming community with a wide range of desired amenities and services.​

It is the community of choice for young adults and elderly alike.

There is a strong sense of community pride that honors the culture of its historical founding; the next generation is eager to lead and participate in public service.

Together We Can:

  1. assure Barrett fully participates in the emerging economic prosperity of this area

  2. show our community pride in honor of the generations before us

  3. protect community assets

  4. create a better future for our youth

We Need Your Support Today!

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